The System Modeling Institute was created to study and model complex systems using computer modeling.  It is based on the premise that many system processes are similar if not the same in all systems. 

Goals of Institute:

  • Use computer models to understand and improve systems.
  • Find broad system improvement applications.
  • Study large broad questions - questions that current traditional science doesn't support.
  • Create a place for intellectual explorers that do not get supported by the existing scientific system structure to study for the love of science and fun of exploring new ideas.


The System Modeling Institute was recently created.  This website contains the vision for what the institute can become.  It is the first step in making this vision a reality.


Steps in institute creation:

  • Develop and support research projects (some potential projects listed in this website)
  • Provide information for independent study of systems (links and book list on this website)  
  • Network with others interested in system study
  • Generate funding
  • Create a place to study and model systems
  • Hire more "intellectual explorers" to do more modeling and systems research
  • Publish research findings 

Potential funding sources:

  • Generate income by modeling and consulting for corporations, other institutes, think tanks, government, universtities and research centers. 
  • Create virtual worlds and games that would provide a basis for agent based system modeling and provide income from players. (or participate in existing virtual worlds such as Second Life)
  • Donations from those interested in improving the systems in which we all participate