Quality Through Robustness <Idea>


What if you gained quality through being able to handle failure instead of demanding perfection?  Current design engineering seems to be aimed at perfection.  (Six Sigma)  If a single line of code or transistor in a chip is wrong, the whole system breaks.

Following natures design lead, we could develop more "robust" designs and algorithms.   It would be a new way to get "quality".  Create systems that can have defects and fail, but still function.

As systems become complex, it becomes more important for them to be robust than be perfect.  At some point, it becomes easier to maintain functionality through robustness.

Nature is messy.   There are many "don't care" and redundant functions in nature's designs.  That is the direction we will have to go in order to have the same kind of robustness that exists in nature's systems.

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